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Village People''''''''s Victor Willis Speaks Out on Recent Copyright Victory, Trademark Lawsuits
From Billboard

This article sounds like a possible major win for writers.

In the old days you hear so many stories of songwriters selling hits for $50, and I've had to deal with restrictive agreements, where writers continue to get 50/50 deals in spite of being recouped.

I realise that publishers are very supportive of their artists and often assist them for quite a time before success does or doesn't come. And songwriters will become more important as musicians will need to collaborate to get better at their craft.

It's interesting to try to work out all of the rights tied up in a song. We hear of disputes by band members who played the parts of songs that people recognise (Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale) and received very little until they sued. 

And recently we have the tragic case of Greg Ham after being sued for a copyright infringement.

Then we have the of cover versions of famous songs, becathe cost of the of the original song is deemed too high.

But of course many ads are successful becaof the music used. It's the same in films. Of course, film people say that we can make the band successful becaof the song being in a successful film.

These days thankfully most musicians take a share in the publishing, which is just about the only possibly profitable part of the music business, besides live music.

A lot of this flies above most of our heads, but a battle for fairness keeps coming along.

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