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Why more venues will close.
By Neil Wedd

With the possible sale of The Palace and The Tivoli and the closure of the of quite a few venues, I will get on my hobby horse yet again.

Bands are simply not paying enough venue hire. Alcohol is not the river of gold it was. Bands are basically getting a free ride.
The venue supplies promotion, their mailing list, PA, security, rider, APRA, rent, et al. For all this the band pays $2-$3 per head. It simply isn't enough. This fee has not increased in 20 years, but band prices have gone up 300% at least.

Of course every agent is just doing the best for the band, but bands can't keep bitching about losing venues when they are not supporting venues. So when you whinge about the drink prices at your favourite venue, remember that bands are part of the reason they are so high.

Venues have had to get better PA and lighting rigs. Bands used to pay for this stuff.

I will probably never win this argument but I will keep pointing it out.

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