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Booking venue notes.
By Neil Wedd

Booking venues is an interesting business. The model of getting a split from from the door and the bar takings has been around for 20 years now. This used to be OK when people drank at gigs and bands supplied their own PA and did most of the promotion.

But times have changed and now venues supply the PA, do a lot more promotion, supply security, and keep the paper work up to date and people don't drink as much.

Some bands crowds don't drink much, and this means they are not really profitable. Venues that host dance parties impose a minimum bar figure, which acts as the venue hire. The difference between the actual bar take and the minimum bar makes the venue hire fee.

This could possibly be applied to bands who are straightedge or have a Christian following. Conversely bands that have a drinking audience could be rewarded with a cheaper hire fee.

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