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Image is important, so is where to play
By Neil Wedd

This week I did a mentoring session with a band. The demo is good, they can all play, the song writing is good, and the poster image is good.

Then you look at the pictures on Facebook and you don't get the sense of what the music is. Image is everything. Why do stars dress up? To get attention and free promotion.

You want people to spread their love of your band. Great pictures are a start. If you look the goods the pictures will look enticing. It also says you are serious about what you do. We are overwhelmed with images, so you need to stand out. Your life is online so a congruent image is important.

Then comes the where to play conundrum. You are approaching 40, married with children. Most of your friends are married with children. If they are your audience, becafriends are the first call to come and see you play, then to go to a venue will cost them $100 or more after taking babysitters, admission, drinks et al into account. That's a big price to help a mate out.

So for older bands playing at night is harder. Bowls clubs where you can take the family and do a daytime might be better. You can do a barbie at home, make it fun and if people like it then you are underway with a good vibe going.

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