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A new music book by Andrew Watt

 Ravens Nest Consulting is pleased to announce the release of an informative new music business book 'Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating The Music Business in Australia'  featuring material drawn from interviews with over 90 of the industry's movers and shakers.


Melbourne entertainment and media lawyer, journalist, presenter and educator Andrew Watt has written a 680 page "anecdotal textbook" for the Australian music industry. Combining unprecedented interview material with his own first-hand experience as an artist manager, venue owner, lawyer, publisher and music business lecturer, Andrew Watt has compiled an invaluable guide to the Australian Music Industry that will be an essential reference for music business students, artists and people already working in the industry.


"I wanted to create a different type of textbook", said Watt. "There are a number of books out there that provide good, factual information about some aspects of the live and recorded music industries, but none of those books speak with the experience, knowledge and personal anecdotes of those people currently working at the pointy end of the business, on a daily basis."


Drawing on his classroom experience, Andrew Watt  saw that music business students were being well informed about the essential framework of the industry, but there was a disconnect between the classroom, the cut and thrust of the business in the real world.


"It would be impossible for any student to get access to all the key people in the industry for a one-on-one downof their knowledge and experience", said Watt. "Welcome To The Jungle bridges that gap and it couldn't have happened without so many key industry people being very generous with their time and thoughts. The book is a unique document in that respect."


The music industry is a fast evolving business, with disruption occurring to the established business models.  It's essential that any artist wanting to build a career understands who does what in the business as quite literally their career will depend on that knowledge.


"I think that anyone connected to the music business either as an artist or behind the scenes could benefit from some or all of the book", said Watt. "It's designed to be read either cover-to-cover or ively, depending on what role in the industry interests you."



Welcome To The Jungle – Navigating the Music Business In Australia

is available for sale from Monday 24 February 2014 at

as either a paperback or an e book.


Inaugural Workshop to be held on Saturday 22nd March at

JMC Auditorium,

171 Bank St

South Melbourne (off Clarendon St)



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