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Love local music? Think our local music scene is world-class but don't want to take it for granted? Then it's time to get behind your local representative organisation, Music Victoria.
Music Victoria is the independent voice of the Victorian contemporary music industry. It has led the way on the Live Music Roundtable over the last two years which has resulted in the re-introduction of mixed-ages gigs helped develop a Live Music Best Practice Guide for venues and prompted a commitment from the State Government to legislate the Agent of Change principle to protect venues from gentrification and noise complaints. However, we need your support to keep up the good work.
The Music Victoria membership campaign kicks off on Wednesday 26th March until Friday 4th April with the launch of a music industry election pitch ahead of this year's state election in November, and will follow up with the release of its regional live music census and report on April 4th.
"If you are a musician there are a myriad of good reasons to support them," says musician, Deborah Conway. "A significant contribution Music Victoria has already made to the debate about live music in this state is successfully advocating for the government to agree to legislate the Agent of Change Principle which has been a long time coming and should solve a great many potential disputes between developers, venue operators and home owners. It's great insurance to support and preserve music in the inner city of Melbourne and beyond and quite a feather in the cap for Music Victoria."
Fellow Music Victoria member and ambassador, musician Jen Cloher, added "We need to have our voice heard at the level of government to ensure policies are made with our best interests at heart. I don't take Melbourne's thriving music community for granted - we're privileged. That's why I'm a Music Victoria member."
Apart from being able to rest easy knowing that your industry body can continue to fight for your rights, membership of Music Victoria entitles you to a huge range of benefits including excess baggage allowances on Qantas and Virgin domestic flights and discounts and special offers on everything from band merchandise to insurance CD & vinyl manufacturing to fitted earplugs and regular professional development workshops for musicians and music businesses.
Music Victoria continues to fight for the good of all music across the state. Whether it's ensuring contemporary music has its voice heard, protecting our venues, advocacy, changing laws, negotiating huge industry savings for artists, or promoting our marvellous music scene to the world, Music Victoria is fighting for a stronger music community for us to work in and enjoy. Whether you're a musician, venue owner or music lover, Music Victoria has your back - so join up now!

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