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Leaps and Bounds Festival
4-20 July in the City of Yarra

The City of Yarra is pleased to announce the second annual  'Leaps and Bounds Music Festival'

Named for the iconic and beloved Paul Kelly song, Leaps and Bounds Music Festival pays homage to the largest live gigging precinct in Australia - the City of Yarra.

Following an incredibly successful year in 2013, Leaps and Bounds will run from Friday 4 - Sunday 20 July 2014 and over 40 traditional venues from The Corner Hotel (the largest venue in the area) to Longplay (one of the smallest) will be involved.

The emphasis of the festival is local - local performers and local audiences - while also honouring those that come to live and perform in the area from places far and wide.

The collaboration with the Gertrude Street Projection Festival which opens on Friday 18 July will again return over the last weekend of Leaps & Bounds.

Events are that are returning in 2014 include :

- Yarra Songs at The Yarra with Jon Von Goes

- Bus Tours with Bruce Milne through iconic sites in Yarra

- PBSFM Live to Air with David Heard - Yarra's Citizen of the Year

- Aarght Records and The Bird Club presents 3 Sunday afternoons in July at pop up music venue Copacabana

- Push Freeza Summit Music Industry Training and Information for young people at Fitzroy Town Hall

- Music Victoria Panels One panel on
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