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Turning the site back on again

I've been offline from the website for a while.

Part of this is that I've been busy, but lacking inspiration, and partly becamy father passed away a few weeks ago. Dealing with the loss  has been a roller coaster ride. Currently I have gone to the bottom, but hopefully I am on the way back up, thanks to the support of my partner and friends.

Talking with others about the loss is instructing. The same sense of being an orphan, of not having somebody to talk to about your wins and losses.

My parents gave me a great upbringing that has shaped my desire to help others enjoy all things in life. I have been fortunate to work with so many great musicians and people. To see the musicians and audience work as one to create a great atmosphere it one of life's delights. Long may it continue.

I also do mentoring for musicians and people in small business. Today at the monthly mentors meeting we were shown a video and it made many great points.

I have always approached music from the point of loving it and wanting to spread the word. Many of us in the business have turned the love of music into a career. Most people get involved in music to satisfy a need. Some get careers out of it, but many get applaand a sense of satisfaction. We must encourage people to make the most out of what they do. And by learning you get more out of yourself.

Learn from others, learn something every day.

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