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Tell it like it is
Bon Jovi's manager delivers a smackdown.

Great article on the reality of the business by a man who has seen it all.

Hard but fair. But indie musicians used to build a career and then once they got their chops together and wrote some songs they could then "sell out". By that time 2-3 years they could perform and were disciplined enough to work hard and keep building. Now it's all shooting stars. Do people have faith that they can have more than one hit?

I find it strange that bands are doing 4 or 5 nights in a venue when they have a hit. Scooping up every person that has an interest in the band, and not leaving anybody out. In the past you wanted to sell out and leave people wanting to get in the next time.

And social media means that if your show isn't brilliant then you get slammed. That can put future audiences off.

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