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SHE RATES for female artists

Melbourne based publicist and committed feminist Karen Conrad has decided to put her money where her mouth is and fix the gender pay gap for women who need PR in Australia.

Karen is offering *SHE* RATES for female artists and artisans -  20% off new publicity campaigns from now until January 30th for new female-driven arts, fashion, theatre and music pr campaigns.


"Women have to live in the same world that men live in and pay the same prices men do for accommodation, basic essential services, food, drink, fun - everything - while earning nearly 20% less.  I don't think that's fair.


"For this reason, I'm glad to offer to offer quality PR campaigns for women at 20% off my regular fees until January 30th.  I have long been committed to the feminist cause and I think this is a practical way to help bands, artists, designers, producers, service providers who earn a female dollar make the most for it in terms of their PR and marketing," says Karen.


The gender pay gap has hit a record high of 18.8 per cent according to Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures, prompting calls for the Federal Government to reverse the upward trend.


Men now earn almost $300 more dollars per week based on the average weekly earnings for full-time workers.The latest figures represent the biggest gender pay gap since the ABS began collecting the data in 1994.

All campaigns must be booked in between today and 30 January 2016, but you can advance book any project with an end date before 30 May 2016.  


If you're a woman with a new project to promote, book it in now on 0400 527 365 or email for *SHE* Rates.





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