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The Anyones US tour diary Week 1. From Inpress

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The Anyones are touring the States with Jet and Sloan. An eyeopener on touring.
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The Anyones/Jet/Sloan USA tour July 2004 TOUR DIARY June 28 – The Visa As if it wasn’t hard enough going through the tortuous negotiation process of signing a fucking US record deal, then the agonising wait for confirmation of the Jet tour, not forgetting the last minute name change in the US to The Everyones (following legal threats from La metal band ‘Anyone’),without the Yanks seemingly deliberately torturing bands with the Visa process. Ours arrived on Friday and we left for the US on the Monday… Fuckers. Rock n roll!! July 1, 2004 – Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York NIAGARA FALLS, OBESITY, FLUTE “FAG” Our first US gig! Woohoo. We’re all rooted after 24 hours on a plane and welcomed to the US by our hotel manager with the mandatory question “they have Kangaroos there don’t they?…and elephants?” (seriously). The taxi driver asked if we celebrate July 4 American Independence Day in Australia?? Yeah right. Buffalo has the 2nd highest homicide rate in the US. Cool. A quick visit to the US side of Niagara Falls, where spotting the non obese is more fascinating than the scenery, and it’s off to soundcheck. We’re travelling in a 15 seater bus with the back seats ripped out for the gear. Jet have rightly upgraded for this their 5th tour of the States (and 1st headline big venue tour). Their bus is a beautifully appointed full size Greyhound style coach. There are two lounges front and rear and a “bedroom” featuring 12 bunks. It has a large screen TV, DVD player, stereo, kitchen and toilet. But with all their crew it’s still very tight. Sloan don’t start the tour till Chicago so it’s just us and Jet for this show. 1.500 frenzied people pack up to the front an hour before we start. We open with ‘Gun Him Down’ coz we thought Buffalo could relate to it. I simply picked up the flute and the crowd broke into huge cheers...fuckin hilarious. But Steve Brown, Jet Keyboardist, told me later some guy yelled out “play some music ya fag”. Anyway the gig is a huge success and we sell heaps of merch. The taxi driver on the way back to the hotel room rings his 17 year old daughter to tell her he’s driving The Everyones, hands me the phone and holds up her photo while I talk. Pimp Daddy. July 2, 2004 – Toronto Edgefest, Toronto Canada GOOD CHARLOTTE, CHAIRS FROM BALCONY Anyone who’s travelled from USA into Canada will appreciate what a fucking Robo-Cop experience it is. Any band will have a mandatory interview where you’re grilled about guns and drugs. I ask if I can the toilet and the Cop unclips his gun as a joke (fuckin hilarious). But Americans are celebrity crazy so once they find out you’re touring the US they’ll ask for your autograph regardless whether they’ve heard of you. So it was autographs all round for the cops. The Toronto Edgefest (to celebrate Canada Day) is at the Molson Ampitheatre which is one stage seating 16,000 people. We and Jet quickly realised we were the only non skater-punk bands on the bill. Good overlooking a moat and the city skyline) for some comradery. The Canadians are very excited and we get a raptuous response despite it being our first Canadian gig and in a line-up of ‘punk’ bands. Very nice. After Jet have finished their slot the alcohol flows and boats are used for target practice. The day finishes with Mark from Jet being evicted for throwing a chair into the river. Now off to Milwaukee Summerfest to play alongside Crosby Stills and Nash. TBC…..

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