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ON THE BRIGHT SIDE Announced for Perth Featuring The Strokes, Mumford & Sons, Band of Horses, Hot Chip and more...


Being on the bright side of the country is not always a benefit for Perth music fans as the tyranny of distance can mean they either miss out on touring acts altogether or have to fork out $600-700 bucks to see the acts they really like who come across the Nullarbor separately after playing East Coast festivals. Well, it's time to look on the bright side because winter in Perth is about to be the hottest on record as the promoters of Australia's Splendour in the Grass Festival (Village Sounds & Secret Service) and Western Australia's very own Rock-it (Supersonic) are teaming up to present the brightest stars from Splendour in the Grass under a fabulous super top right in the heart of Perth for an annual get together called ON THE BRIGHT SIDE – an event that Perth people can call their own.

To kick off the first one is a magnificent line up that blends cool with rock with fun with electro with class with pop with style with modern folk with celebrity in perfect proportions A bright and spectacular day indeed! So get ready for exclusive Perth appearances by THE STROKES + MUMFORD & SONS + ANGUS & JULIA STONE + BAND OF HORSES + HOT CHIP + TING TINGS + BLUEJUICE + MIDDLE EAST and welcome to…

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE SATURDAY 24 JULY 2010 under the super top at PERTH ESPLANADE Riverside Drive , Perth (subject to council approval) All Ages with 18+ areas. ID required for 18+ areas. No passouts. 12–10pm

TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY 28 MAY from , Star Surf Perth & Mandurah, Mills Records, Planet Video, Blue 62 Busselton, Prince of Wales, Live Clothing Stores.

So now you can step in out of the winter blues and into warm and wonderful times courtesy of the sweetest of line ups confirmed to appear at On the Bright Side 2010.

And here are the bands that will b e appearing. THE STROKES The Strokes set the music world on fire with their 2001 debut album Is This It (which topped the NME '100 Greatest Albums of the Decade' late last year) and have consistently produced killer tunes (including Last Nite, Hard To Explain, The Modern Age, Reptilia, Juicebox, Take it or Leave It and New York City Cops), which have become modern classics. It's been a long time between drinks for the fab five - Nick Valensi on lead guitar, Julian Casablancas on vocals, Fabrizio Moretti on drums, Albert Hammond Jr. on rhythm guitar and Nikolai Fraiture on bass guitar but much to the delight of rock lovers everywhere they are back touring and recording a new album in 2010 which lucky for us includes this headline spot at On the Bright Side 2010.

MUMFORD & SONS With the multiplatinum album 'Sigh no More' and scoring the top spot in triple j's Hottest 100 with their sing-along anthem, Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons delighted Australian audiences in January and have left them wanting more! Since they formed in December 2007, the members of Mumford & Sons have shared a common purpose: to make music that matters, without taking themselves too seriously. Four young men from West London in their early twenties, they have fire in their bellies, romance in their hearts, and rapture in their masterful, melancholy voices. This is a big and beautiful addition to On the Bright Side. 

ANGUS & JULIA STONE Angus & Julia Stone have spent the last few years touring the world (from the Scottish Highlands to the USA) in support of their critically acclaimed debut 'A Book Like This', and the follow up album 'Down The Way'. This tireless touring has expanded their audience with Myspace plays now exceeding five million. With music that gravitates from sparse to rich with textured arrangements, Angus & Julia Stone's etherealness and charm will continue to win yet more hearts across the globe in 2010. 

BAND OF HORSES The Low Country's premier rock 'n' roll outfit, Band Of Horses , return to Australia armed with their incredible new record 'Infinite Arms' and will debut their energetic and engaging live show in Perth, for the very first time at On the Bright Side. Through extensive touring, this band has built a solid fan base which transcends generations. See what all the fuss is about.

TING TINGS The Brit duo returns to Australia after smashing the Big Day Out with their fabulous alternative pop stylings. After being nominated for their first ever Grammy Award for Best New Talent, Ting Tings spunky show will put some zing into On The Bright Side

HOT CHIP Hot Chip have an uncanny knack of creating great singles, from the bruising 'Over and Over' and the dizzying 'Boy From School' to 2008's ubiquitous smash 'Ready For The Floor', Alexis, Joe, Felix, Al and Owen have constantly pushed the boundaries of what pop music can be. Hot Chip have always been equally adept at producing floor fillers alongside songs of intimacy and melancholy and with the new long player 'One Life Stand' they have pulled off the rare trick of executing both at the same time, by lyrically declaring a personal and tender message within the confines of a tune that is infectious, deeply danceable, fortified and ready for the dancefloor.  

BLUEJUICE Bluejuice have shot up into the stratosphere in the last 12 months with frenetic live performances, infectious singles, matching tracksuits and ARIA nominations to name a few highlights. The Australian five piece are in their element making you dance in a retarded, unselfconscious way. The combination of drums, bass and keys and two harmonizing singers sounds unique, but it's the violence, energy and humor with which the band attack their music that makes them stand out. Bluejuice turn entertainment into a contact sport (as evidenced by the unforgettable 'Broken Leg' hit). Bring protection.

MIDDLE EAST If you check the Middle East website, they'll modestly tell you 'We're from Townsville , Australia and we play music'. They've left out the best bits such as their incredible start to 2010, raved about performances at SXSW, Australia 's only representatives at California 's Coachella Festival in April, a bunch of US shows with Pavement and right now they are touring the US supporting Mumford & Sons. The Middle East is Australia 's answer to melodic indie rock. 

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE SATURDAY 24 JULY 2010 PERTH ESPLANADE Under the super top, Riverside Drive, Perth (subject to council approval) All Ages with 18+ areas. ID required for 18+ areas. No passouts. 12–10pm TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY 28 MAY , Star Surf Perth & Mandurah, Mills Records, Planet Video, Blue 62 Busselton, Prince of Wales, Live Clothing Stores FACEBOOK EVENT WEBSITE EVENT TICKETING

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